Sunday 12/03/17


Text: Luke 20 v1-8

dadAccording to the bible, Jesus was teaching in the synagogue with authority and power. While he was teaching, healing, deliverance and miracle were taking place. Jesus was teaching about the kingdom of God. Love, forgiveness, helping the needy etc…while he was teaching he came across a woman who was bent over as she heard the voice of Jesus she cried out for help. When Jesus heard, he called her forth and said “my daughter your sin has been forgiven”. Sin is the root cause of our problem. When our sin is forgiven you will be delivered and set free.

When the Pharisees and the chief priest heard about Jesus they confronted him and questioned him. They want to know by which authority he is performing his miracle.  Do not disclose your power and prosperity because they will use it to destroy you. Believe in yourself and God, make sure you have a right standing with God and move forward. If you are afraid of accusations you can never be a star. Wherever there is glory of God people must talk to bring you down.  People live a life of intimidation because of what they will say. Believe in yourself shun (ignore) side talk’s and move forward. When you have the spirit of God they will not speak well about you. Don’t explain or try to live for them, live for God only because he is your true friend.

 When the teachers of the law and others   gathered against him they wanted to know his source. But Jesus instead asked them question “was john sent by God, or was he merely acting under his own authority?”(Luke 20 v3-4)

Your power is in your hand. Don’t allow them to stop you, don’t copy them, and rather make a difference. You are not of the world, you are of God. Be on the right track and it shall be well with you.

                                                                                          Prophet: ELIJAH 


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