(Apotheosis of the reviver)

22222According to the book of revelation3v17 it says “buy pure gold from me, gold purified by fire; only then will you truly be rich. And to purchase from me white garment clean and pure so you won’t be naked and ashamed; and to get medicine from me to heal your eyes I give you back your sight. Your own people had made you slave, they sold you out. You say you are rich with everything you want, you don’t need. And you don’t realize that that spiritually you are miserable, blind and naked.

When they sold Joseph he was naked.  They removed his rich garment and also sold him out. God said in the book of Corinthians:  that it is his wish that you be like him. I cover your nakedness.

I don’t know who naked you or where they sold you; but, I am here to tell you that God has come to cover your nakedness. He has come to restore your sight.

The Lord has come to give you kingship, to give you authority to be a king with influence. You will see people helping you. When you are a king, people will come to your empire and they will say what shall we give to the king? You will be recognized in the name of Jesus Christ.




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