First Fruit (part 3)

                      Numbers 3-13

555555555555Give God all that you have for all things belong to him. Concerning the first fruit, we should understand that it involves a lot. The lord said: I killed all the first born of your enemies. He (God) did it because we are chosen generation ….God has set us apart. God did for a purpose that we may glory his name. God made us to realize that we should not fight our battle anything special to God is accountable to him.

First fruit is an agreement between us and God. We are his people and he is our God. If you refuse the agreement that means you have broken the covenant when this happens love has been broken. God is jealous and he wants us to keep his covenant keeping God. When we surrender our first fruit God will be our commander. Your first child, animal, the first of all your increase.

Obedience is the key to success. God is looking out for our love and obedience then, he will be your God. In Deuteronomy 26-2 God commanded us to bring all our first fruit. As a pastor all the first offering for the month is for God. As a farmer all the first harvest from the land is for God.

Let’s give God all our heart and our product and he will be with us. If you refuse to give God your first fruit , spiritual forces will attack you.

You may be fasting and praying in vain placing curses on yourself. But what kind of fasting does God like?

Opening your door for the needy and them that need your support and God will bless you



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